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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Like a wind against my back......

I read an article about a young girl of 14 in Haiti a few weeks ago. When the earthquake hit, she rushed to the downtown area where her mother worked. She actually found her mother's body amidst the rubble. In the days that followed she found herself living with other refugees, and everyone told her to simply not think of her mom. She replied "I can't stop thinking of her, I still feel her... like a wind against my back."

My mother died in October of last year. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer the year before, and because of complications from surgeries her quality of life was painful and difficult. I quit my job of 13 years to be with her. I spent endless hours at her hospital bedside, and cared for her in our home with the support of loving friends and family. Each day having her with me to watch my children grow, to share the details of my life was a blessing. And in hindsight, I am grateful to be able to say we did all we could to support her in healing.

My mom was an artist. Her painting above came through her after my stepson suffered a massive brain injury and became a total care patient. It hung above his bed, watching over him until he was released from a body that could no longer serve him. Her talents with a canvas and brush were not passed to me. I got her heart and love of life.

Like a wind against my back she pushes me on, to live the life I dream of. She whispers in my ear, don't look back.... How I pray for my little sister in Haiti, that she find her place in this world. That she continues to feel her mother's presence, and feels the blessings bestowed from somewhere beyond. I hope she is comfortable, safe and resting well.... and that she can feel my love.


  1. You and your sister are two very special ladies. Both have a way with words and I am sure was a great delight to your mother. Your post is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. God has a purpose for each of us in the world. So sorry for the loss of your dear talented mother. I know she is in a much better place and you will see her again one day. Won't that be a glorious reunion.
    Going to follow along.

  2. Beautiful. I know from personal experience how much you give and how much you learn about selfless love when caring for a sick loved one - and how blessed you are by it. Thank you for a beautiful post.

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