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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Have you ever had a longing, an idea that sparked something inside of you? A vision of a way to weave what you love into a tapestry of service.... of purpose? I know the answer, but would still love to hear the details. The answer of course is yes. This little project is probably the the thousandth idea I have had for a way to express my longing to connect with and create with the people who have been drawn into my life by Grace. A little secret about this kind of longing is that it wouldn't exist in us, if it was not meant to be. This time, I shared it with friends, and together we are working to bring the gift of sacred mantras into the lives of those we meet along the way.

We hosted our first event and welcomed Dave Stringer to Mesa over the past weekend. If you have never heard his music you MUST check it out. His latest release, "Joy Ride" is incredible. The way he engages the audience, relaxed and present was so enjoyable. For many in the crowd, this was their first opportunity to experience call and response style Kirtan. The celebration continues as I hear things like "life changing" and "the most joyful experience I have ever had." All I can do is say thank you again and again, to those who pointed me to this amazing gift, to those who share this amazing gift, and to that which lives within us, Nameless and Ever Present.

And out of this, comes funds to support a charity committed to making a real difference in peoples lives. Although the final accounting is not in, I estimate that we raised around $500.00 through the event. And it gets even better.... I awoke Tuesday morning to a t-shirt order from Switzerland. A little surprised, bells started going off, and I realized that someone must have extended their help in getting our project noticed. Sweet Deva Premal & Miten, again and again you touch my heart. Your kindness, willingness - your Beingness - I bow. Thank you.

If you are in the Brentwood, CA area, Bhakti Rasa will be chanting for Haiti at the Brentwood Yoga Center this Saturday. Thanks Andy, for purchasing t-shirts, and for the gift your music is to this world.

If you have a minute, please take the time to share your longing to Connect, Contribute, & Create. Share your success, or your dream. I know it would be a gift to me, and to the sweet souls brought here. If your stuck in the place of not believing in the possibility of merging what you love with purpose share that too. It's all a perfect gift.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There's a Kirtan in the works!

Okay, okay, so it's been awhile without a post again - but based on the traffic tracker perhaps no one has noticed! Perhaps that is about to change a bit and if this is your first visit to my blog - welcome... and thank you.

I have some fun and exciting news to share. My absence from the web has been full of planning and arrangements. I am so delighted to announce that Dave Stringer will be coming to the valley in February blessing us with a kirtan benefit for HORP. The website should be updated in the coming days with all the details, so stay tuned.

Also, last month I was able to forward the first donation from ichant4haiti t-shirt sales. Thanks to all who purchased shirts! Together we we're able to send just over $500.00 to Haiti Orphan Rescue Program. They will be heading to Haiti in 2011 to begin another orphanage renovation. If you haven't checked out their website yet, be prepared to be inspired and visit

More to come as we head into the New Year. ~m

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where does the time go?

It has been 7 months since my last post, a subtle reminder that healing and recuperation can often take it's own time. The highest part of me knows that to honor that is to be in integrity, and to force or resist leads only to pain and discomfort. So, while it may appear that I lack follow through, and consistency - my heart truly knows that this down time was completely necessary and perfect.

The long and short of my time away is that I truly got in touch with the sadness I had brushed aside at the passing of my Mom & dear friend Bill. Those two losses occurred within 6 months of one another, and although I thought I was processing - I was actually just surviving. I am grateful to have survived. Today, I am o.k. that for sometime I failed to "show up" in a joyful, open, compassionate way. The truth is that I was lucky to be getting out of bed. My children were lucky to be receiving care, my husband was lucky to have the shell of what he had once known as wife. And they loved me through it, supported me, even though it must have seemed like my body had been taken over by some dark force. Grief is like that. Mentally I understood, and trusted Life. Death never meant the end of my dear ones, yet my day to day experience was missing something vital. My connection to these two went through a transformation, and while that transformation was occurring my experience was full of loss and confusion. Today, I am able to feel the connection and share with them the way I could when they had bodies, maybe even deeper. In quiet, still moments I feel their essence surround me, and know I am not without them .... ever.

Monday, April 26, 2010

You don't always get what you want!

Yes, it has been ages since I posted last. My journey to follow the DP&M-Krishna Das concert tour has long since come to an end. It was an incredible time to move through some painful experiences with the support of the mantra's and new friendships. So while we didn't get the opportunity to sell many t-shirts, we were blessed in ways I still can't quite comprehend or understand. You don't always get what you want, but you always get what you need. So much came to pass, it will takes a few posts to share.

The concerts were amazing. I was able to connect with the tour for the opening night in Seattle, where I was joined by Heather and Michael from Haiti Orphan Rescue Program. They are incredibly dedicated people with a passion for the children of Haiti. Heather brings her love of Presence to everything she does. They travelled with their two adorable labs to support themselves and their mission in Haiti. And of course there's Suzanne my friend from Seattle, who flowed with the ever changing current always ready to honor the moment.

The morning after the Seattle concert I spoke with my dear friend Bill. He told me that his body had begun rejecting food, and it was time for him to quit taking nourishment through his feeding tube. He said he wouldn't stop though, until I was home from my trip. If you have ever witnessed someone go through the dying process you know that to force food into a body that cannot process it is painful. The thought of my beloved friend suffering and waiting on me to be with him was too much. It was resolved quickly that we would be heading home, sooner than planned.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting The Moment

It has been an incredibly full life this past week. Trip plans, t-shirts, details, details, details. In the midst of it all my dear friend Bill continues his process of dying. Gathered around him the other day he encouraged us to "See all that is there, and explore all of it." In every moment, every interaction there is infinite depth and breadth to witness. If our consciousness is fixated on the surface of things, we miss the fabric of our experience which weaves us together. Look a little deeper, and turn your awareness away from what your mind tells you is happening, and a whole new world filled with love rises up to meet you in the moment.

While the foundation for a wonderful adventure has been laid, the coming days of travel and chanting hold infinite possibilities for me and my fellow travelers. Everything that has come to pass in our lives takes us perfectly to this moment, and then this moment, and then this moment. Everything new and reborn with but a breath. My intention is to "see all that is there, and explore all of it." To meet my moments with only my breath, not clinging to the past or anticipating the future. Held within my heart are the dear Ones who have walked with me to this point, and all those whose faces are yet to be reflections, my connection to all of them is enough.

Tomorrow Seattle!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

From Quake Victims, 'That's Haiti' Is a Stirring Refrain - AOL News

Today, this story feels like the right share. Thanks to my friends at HORP for gifting me with it. Even if we have found a way to move on with our lives, to protect ourselves from the pain that is being experienced in the world, it still exists. We are a part of All Of It, and we are playing out our role in It. If you hear a call within to play a larger role, begin the journey to living your Truth. Now is the time........

From Quake Victims, 'That's Haiti' Is a Stirring Refrain - AOL News

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Water & Sunshine

Many years ago my dear friend Bill was introduced to the music of Peter Makena. The sound, silence and depth of Peter's music ignited a fire of deep recognition within him, and together with Peter's wife Aneeta the three of them began facilitating weekend retreats together here in Arizona for Bill's Living Love group. This past weekend we came together again, to celebrate, and witness the transformation of so many who have been touched by Bill's work, and Peter's music. It was Beautiful! I don't know all the details of Peter and Aneeta's past, but to be Present with them is magical.

This morning I am surrounded by the newly planted garden in our courtyard. Nature is offering it's answers to my questions about this journey. The vast array of greenery and flowering plants makes me aware that each seed planted takes it's own time to germinate. It is important to allow each it's own time to grow deep roots before it begins it's ascent to the sky. This past couple of months has been about planting seeds, time now for water and sunshine, attentive love and care.

Today, water and sunshine come in the form of Peter's music and deep surrender to that which is ever Present. Aneeta blessed me with her words of wisdom this weekend..... "You don't have to do anything, Mika you just float, just float."

May we all meet each moment, with clarity and commitment. May we float through our experiences with absolute allowance of what is.

For a taste of Peter's music see

Full of gratitude and wonder, m